Trust & Estate Administration

Following a death or major life event, the responsibility to administer an estate or a trust can be overwhelming.  Our attorneys can provide experienced and knowledgeable guidance and assistance to both personal representatives administering an estate and trustees administering a trust.  Whether serving as an Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Guardian, or other type of Personal Representative, there are fiduciary duties and obligations that must be navigated, and we help our clients with those matters every day.

We can meet your trust and estate administration needs through the following services:

  • Review and Interpretation of Will and Trust Documents
  • Preparation of Court Filings Necessary for Estate Administration/Probate
  • Notice to and Negotiation with Creditors
  • Coordination of Appraisals and Valuation of Estate Assets
  • Coordination of Estate Income Tax Filings
  • Estate Taxation Advice and Filings
  • Guardianships
  • Will Contests and Trust or Estate Controversy
  • Identification and Transfer of Estate Assets
  • Renunciations and Disclaimers
  • Family Allowances and Elective Shares
  • Ancillary Estate Administrations

Trust and Estate Administration Team:

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