Many individuals do not realize the difference between a non-profit organization and tax-exempt status.  A non-profit organization must be formed under state law and tax-exempt status must be approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Our firm assists with both of these areas of law.

We counsel and advise organizations such as educational institutions, local governments and municipalities, hospitals, healthcare organizations, churches, daycares, and other non-profit organizations with a range of legal services, and help such organizations navigate current legal developments.  Whether your organization is new or already established, we recognize the unique needs of tax-exempt status, and have decades of experience advising such organizations in complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Utilizing our expertise in tax matters, real estate, and corporate law, our team of attorneys assists non-profit organizations with the following legal matters:

  • Formation of a non-profit entity under North Carolina state law, including obtaining an employer identification number and identifying the appropriate federal tax classification
  • Restructuring of a tax-exempt organization
  • Qualification and retention of tax-exempt status including completing and submitting the relevant application forms
  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities
  • Service as general counsel
  • Providing advice and counsel regarding new laws and regulations, and “best practices” for ongoing compliance
  • Contract drafting and litigation
  • Advice and counsel regarding audits, financing, licensing, liability issues, and dissolution

Non-Profit Organization Team:

Resources for Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt Law:

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