Traffic Matters

North Carolina drivers who receive traffic tickets are subject to two different point systems: insurance and driver’s license points.

Traffic tickets can not only lead to an increase in your insurance rates, and cause you to accumulate license points, but can also lead to substantial fines, loss of driving privileges, community service and even jail time.  Many people are surprised to discover that by hiring a lawyer they can have many traffic violations reduced or even dismissed, which in turn reduces or eliminates insurance points, license points, and fines.

Don’t Pay A Traffic Ticket Without Consulting With A Lawyer!

Paying a traffic ticket is a guilty plea. It’s worth your time to call and set up a free consultation to see how hiring a lawyer can help save you money.  It may save you hundreds or even thousand of dollars in insurance premiums.

Example:  Assume you are pulled over by an officer and charged with speeding 66 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour speed zone.  If your annual insurance premium were $1,500, by paying the ticket your insurance premium could increase by $675 per year for three years. This means that over a three year period the traffic ticket could cost you $2,025.

By hiring a lawyer, there is a very real possibility that the ticket in the example above could be reduced so that your insurance premiums do not increase at all.

As an added benefit, if you retain a lawyer from our law firm you will most likely be excused from appearing in court.  If your lawyer informs you that your appearance in court will not be necessary, you will need to complete the Traffic Representation Agreement and return it to your lawyer before your court date.

Our Lawyers Won’t Waste Your Time And Money!

After reviewing your case, our lawyers may decide they will most likely not be able to reduce your charges.  If this is the case, they won’t go through the motions of defending you and charging you for worthless legal services.

Don’t let traffic violations unnecessarily increase your insurance rates.

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