Local Governments

Our firm represents cities, towns, counties, and other local governmental entities and authorities in both an advisory and litigation capacity.  We help local governments navigate applicable regulatory and municipal laws, and advise governmental entities regarding proposed ordinances, contracts, policies and procedures, and other legal questions.  We also represent local governments and their elected officials in court if litigation arises.  Our knowledge of land-use law further assists us in providing advisory counsel to governmental entities and authorities.

The legal services provided to local governmental entities and authorities include:

    • Review and revise local ordinances and resolutions
    • Advise elected and appointed officials regarding legal questions
    • Representation at board or council meetings
    • Contract representation and litigation
    • Employment policies and litigation
    • Eminent domain issues
    • Redistricting, referendum and elections
    • Zoning and other land use transactions

Contact our Local Governments Team regarding your local government entity or authority.  Terry Taylor is a specialist in real-property law and has experience with many local governments in western North Carolina.  Terry currently serves as the attorney for the Hickory‑Conover Tourism Development Authority, the Western Piedmont Regional Transit Authority (Greenway Transit), and has served as the town attorney for the Town of Sawmills for more than 15 years.

Local Governments Team:

Local Government Resources:

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